The Purpose Over Profit Podcast

18 - Purposeful Practices

July 05, 2021 The Pop Pod Season 1 Episode 18
The Purpose Over Profit Podcast
18 - Purposeful Practices
Show Notes

This week it's just Chris and I talking a bit about some of our purposeful practices we deploy in our life in the hope it might be of some use to some of you!

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Here's some of the things we discussed below:

  • Supplementing your diet
    • Athletic Greens
    • Huel Protein Shakes
  • Creating routine into your morning and evenings
  • Sleep
    • Check out the Joe Rogan podcast mentioned here about the importance of sleep
    • Why We Sleep book by Matthew Walker here
  • Sobriety binges!
    • Take regular breaks from the booze to break the relationships between relaxing and drinking that may be slipping past subconsciously.
  • Create a moving library using podcasts and audible to help expand your thinking and re-purposing your downtime.